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I. About the Project
In order to meet the consumers’ needs, the information industry keeps producing products of higher quality and with newer functions, which shortens the life-cycles of products at the same time. Taking the personal computer as an example, the product’s commercial life is only about 4 to 6 years. A great amount of scrap is often discarded and gives rise to serious pollution problems. According to the 2008 “Report on the Investigation of the Digital Divide,” prepared by the Research, Development and Evaluation Commission of the Executive Yuan, the digital divide often results in a gap between the poor and the wealthy. Thus, the essential goal of this project was to bridge the digital divide by recycling and refurbishing the used computers and donating them to lower income students. After running the project for several years, making it much better with more benefits for those children in need has always been the key point. The project focuses on the lower income students in rural areas and minority groups. The donation of used computers might help those students gain easier access to information technology, and might also achieve the other goal of reducing the pollution caused by information products. The content of the project includs the jobs of recycling, reassembling, donating and promotion. As a social project, it has been modified to make it a better one based on our previous valuable operating experience. Besides, the research also shows that around 10,000 lower income students need such used computers. With the unleashing of the financial tsunami at the end of 2008, we may predict that more and more families will want to have used computers. Hence, this project should move forward to a brand-new platform that combines the resources from government, enterprises and the general public step by step.

Our team has successfully run the project with the supports from Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) for 5 years. As mentioned in the first paragraph, the project has moved to another level. Started from 2010, the project calls for kind sponsorship, which will be used for the refurbished computers donation to underprivileged students. This call-for-sponsorship activity is totally transparent and legal with the approval by Department of Social Welfare, Taipei City Government .

Your kind sponsorship will be used to complete the following jobs.
● To recycle second-hand computers and assemble refurbished computers
● To provide the underprivileged students with refurbished computers
(We aim to donate at least 350 PCs as our first-year's goal.)
● To construct the information infrastructure and green education in rural areas
● To protect the earth as well as bridge the digital divide
(Our professional engineers will be responsible for the jobs of recycling, reassembling, donating and education service.)

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II. Refurbished Computers Sponsorship
We truly welcome individual, family or small group to sponsor the project by small-amount donation. Also, to encourage enterprises participating actively in the project for public welfare, we arrange a sponsorship package, requiring to sponsor 5 refurbished computers as the minimum. They may enjoy the first three benefits marked with * in the chart below. We expect to connect resources from different groups to intensify the benevolence.

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III. What Else Could We Do?
1. Gather Friends to Sponsor Refurbished Computers
You may share the sponsorship fee with friends and it would help the underprivileged students fulfill their dreams of owning the first computer.
2. Donate Used Computers
If you have second-hand computers which are no longer used, please dial 886-2-29696864 or mail to, and we would be glad to retrieve them for you. It would be also appreciated if computers were brought to our factory directly. Our factory address is No.127-3, Ln. 29, Sec. 1, Daguan Rd., Banqiao City, Taipei County 220, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
3. Help promote the Project
Your participations in the project, no matter to sponsor the refurbished computers or to donate the used computers, are all highly expected. Besides, since it is our first year to run the project without any fund from the goverment, we need everyone to help promote the project. You may kindly forward the website or the

IV. Fruitful Results

In 2008 and 2009, we are more than glad to have the supports from 434 companies/organization, donating the used computers to us. Most importantly, some of them keep donating the used computers every year. We are grateful to see the recycle and reuse idea have been gradually spreaded out. To appreciate their kindness and coopertation, we hold the appreciation reception every year. They are invited to come to share our fruitful results with us and we present the plaque to them. Most importantly, for the past five years, we have donated 16,756 refurbished computers to the underprivileged students, schools and social groups in Taiwan and held several workshops for those students to have basic computer knowledge. 

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V. Refurbished Computer Factory Cooperation

We welcome those who identify with our ideas to have further cooperation (non-profit organization is given priority). Having the experienced and qualified engineers in the factory, we can assist the organizer to execute the project successfully. We are willing to be responsible for the recycling and assembling parts, as well as the computer installation if needed. The required standard of both the hardware and software are based on the situation of the designated presentees. The two parties' jobs are listed below.

 Organizer (Non-profit organization)
● Organize and execute project
● Solicit second-hand computers and funds
● Build project website
● Media promotion
● Presentees arrangement and designation

 Triple-E Institute
● Assemble refurbished computers
● Refurbished computers transportation service
● Refurbished computers quality warranty






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