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United States, China, and Russia Lead the Global Economic Energy Efficiency Ranking

About Us

Triple-E Institute has been organized by several scholars from univerities since September 2008 as a non-profit social group, concerned for "Energy", "Environment" and "Economy". Its goals include six main points as below.

1. Academic research on the development of energy, environment and economy
2. Strengthen the interactions and communications between academia and the society as well as among the industries
3. Organize the local and international conferences and exhibitions
4. Promote the green education and related activities for puclic welfare
5. Provide the consulting sevices to the goverment and other organizations
6. Publish the journals and books related to energy, environment and economy

Association Service

Research & Consultaning   
1. 2009 "Project for Recycling and Donating Used Computers" - Environmental Protection Administration of Executive Yuan
2. 2009 "Study on the Protection of Fiscal Rights of Taipei City Government" - Law and Regulation Commission of Taipei City Government
Conference and Exhibition Organizing
*Successful Cases: AESIEAP 2009 CEO Conference and CEPSI 2010, hosted by Taiwan Power Company & AESIEAP, were organized and led by Jeffrey Yuchang Bor, the President of Triple-E Institute.
Activity for Public Welfare 
Education & Promotion
Other Events Arrangement

Association Activity

Activity I : Refurbished Computer Project

Activity II : 2012 Global Economic Energy Efficiency Ranking

Contact Us

 Triple-E Institute (Energy-Environment-Economy)
● Address:Room 304, Zi-Qiang Building, 53 He-Jiang Street, Taipei, TAIWAN 10479
● TEL:886-2-2969-6864 (for Mandarin Service) / 886-2-25177811 (for English service)
● FAX:886-2-2969-9974 
● Email:  / 





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